Desert – from ‘Waking Dreams’ by MohammedReza Gudarzi – 2011

Whatever I was thinking, I don’t remember why I was woken up. It was midnight. I felt really thirsty. I went to the kitchen to drink some water. I turned on the light. On the kitchen floor, first I see the water tank, then the black fish and little father with red fins. Instead of […]

The Key – from ‘Waking Dreams’ by Mohammed Reza Gudarzi – 2011

Hamid was in the back seat, squeezed in. Mahmud sat next to me, singing along with the cellphone. I was trying to stay calm, my nerves shredded by the slippery road. Father said to me ‘In the cold and snowy time you’re going to the villa…!’ Mother said ‘What are you doing? Kids!” Snow sat […]

Safaa al Saray- Iraqi poet and journalist

حزن الشعب  حزني أعيدهم  أعد أي دع الينابيع  قلبي  على صحراءهم  تتدفق هذه زهور في روحي حديقة البشر صفا السراي– People’s sadness is my sadness Their feasts are mine Let the wellspring of my life flow onto their deserts These flowers in my soul are gardens of people. –Safaa al Saray from the NYTimes article […]

Do You Speak Persian?

آیا فرسی صبحت می کنید؟ بعضی روز های، می توانیم ناهید در بعد از زهار ببینیم سپس، درشب، ستاره ها سپس، درشب، ستاره ها جدا توسط بیلیون ها مایل شده اند،  نور درحال سفر به مدت سال ها برای مردن  پشت یک چشم آیا یک واژگان برای این یست —   یک که  روزانه  تعجب را  […]

Lost Lands

Back in the last century there was a country called Yugoslavia. After the benevolent, and to some beloved, dictator  Josip Broz Tito died in 1980, it fell apart in a terrible civil war. In the floods of immigrants from Africa/Central America we may have forgotten about this. Novelist Patjim Statovci writes about his journey from […]