We Can End Homelessness…

  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/15/opinion/homeless-crisis-affordable-housing-cities.html This should be a matter of national will—even pride. But do we even have these feelings any longer? Are we so numb that we have become satisfied with daily briefings on the tides of the stock market; oil; the ebb and flow of viral loads; the slow spiral move of money and corruption […]

“Take Only What Is Most Important”

Візьми лише найважливіше Візьми лише найважливіше. Візьми листи. Візьми лише те, що зможеш сама нести. Візьми рушники та ікони, візьми срібні ножі, візьми дерев’яні розп’яття, золочені муляжі. Візьми хліб і городину, потім іди. Ми ніколи більше не повернемося сюди. Ми ніколи більше не побачимо наші міста. Візьми листи. Всі. До останнього злого листа. Нам ніколи […]

Where there is a Virus…..

We are animals who prey upon, domesticate, oppress, eat, and abuse other species. We bathe in pools of bacteria, fungi, and viruses shed by their destroyed habitats, and their murdered, boiled, skinned and defeatherd bodies. We understand our fellow beings less than we do our own minds, and thus are confounded when some Pandora—such as […]

Moms 4 Housing

There are four times as many empty homes in Oakland as there are people without homes. Some of these people are children.” The San Francisco and East Bay areas of California have become hot real estate territories. The market has become so overpriced in fact, that a recent article in Vox was subtitled: “In tech’s […]

Safaa al Saray- Iraqi poet and journalist

حزن الشعب  حزني أعيدهم  أعد أي دع الينابيع  قلبي  على صحراءهم  تتدفق هذه زهور في روحي حديقة البشر صفا السراي– People’s sadness is my sadness Their feasts are mine Let the wellspring of my life flow onto their deserts These flowers in my soul are gardens of people. –Safaa al Saray from the NYTimes article […]


when the word first came it sounded like a rumor one of those stories like christmichael gettin caught asleep by cops who beat him to death and threw him in the san lorenzo river   then the word became flesh and went among us trollbusters drove by scribner park throwin stuff  they called us trolls cunts […]