Do You Speak Persian?

آیا فرسی صبحت می کنید؟ بعضی روز های، می توانیم ناهید در بعد از زهار ببینیم سپس، درشب، ستاره ها سپس، درشب، ستاره ها جدا توسط بیلیون ها مایل شده اند،  نور درحال سفر به مدت سال ها برای مردن  پشت یک چشم آیا یک واژگان برای این یست —   یک که  روزانه  تعجب را  […]

Berkeley Bans Overnight RV Parking

I wrote the following letter in response to this article Dear Mayor Arreguin, When I voted for you, I hoped you would represent progressive, not regressive values. I consider that the attempt to force people living in their campers, buses or RVs on or near Gilman St., to relocate, is a regressive move. The Washington […]

Lost Lands

Back in the last century there was a country called Yugoslavia. After the benevolent, and to some beloved, dictator  Josip Broz Tito died in 1980, it fell apart in a terrible civil war. In the floods of immigrants from Africa/Central America we may have forgotten about this. Novelist Patjim Statovci writes about his journey from […]

Down and Out in Paris and London

There is being down—poor that is—and out, meaning homeless, without “fixed abode,” both of which are common but not pleasant conditions for the majority of humans on earth. George Orwell was a writer and journalist first; a novelist second. Known most famously for his dystopian novel 1984, which foretells of a future world of fascism […]